Walk Out and Keep Moving’s 10 Point Walkout Guide

High school students from Massachusetts put together a field guide for other high schoolers who want to plan marches or walkouts. They suggest taking these 10 steps in order:

  1. Assemble a team.
  2. Assess your administration (but don’t tell them yet what you’re planning).
  3. Decide when to walk out and how to use your time.
  4. Collect student interest – try to get at least 100 people to sign up.
  5. Communicate with teachers so they can make things easier (e.g. not assign a test that day).
  6. Talk respectfully with your administration, recognizing that they are right to be concerned about your safety. Try to work with, not against, them.
  7. Inform local media.
  8. Make final plans for place and time. Easiest for media to cover your protest if you’re in front of the school, but make alternative plans for bad weather.
  9. Hold the walkout–and register people to vote at the same time! Also start your legislative campaign.
  10. Keep the momentum going.

To get the full scoop, check out the Walk Out and Keep Moving Field Guide