How To Talk To Administrators

Women’s March Youth Empower has a toolkit to equip students with a range of tools for the protest. They share the following as a sample letter that you may send to your administrator:

Sample Letter

Good Evening [Mr/Ms Administrator],

I’m sure you’ve heard about the school shooting that occurred in Florida on Wednesday, February 14th. In honor of the 17 kids that lost their lives the Women’s March Youth EMPOWER has coordinated a national school walkout. This walkout will happen March 14th at 10am where all students and staff members are urged to walk out of school and stand outside, or in hallways, for 17 minutes; one minute for each student that was killed. The walkout is an expression of solidarity with all victims and survivors of all forms of gun violence. Please let me know if you are willing to let our school be a part of this.

Thank you - Sabreen, 17, Brooklyn, NY, Senior