10 Questions for Changemakers

Danielle Allen (Harvard University), Jenn Earl (University of Arizona), Lissa Soep (Youth Radio) and other members of the Youth and Participatory Politics Research Network believe that digital and social media – if used well – can support meaningful change efforts.

How can teachers help youth be effective changemakers today? How can they help them navigate the challenges and risks? Use these 10 questions and stories from young activists to help youth reflect, find inspiration, strategize, and act.

  1. Why Does It Matter to Me?

  2. How Much Should I Share?

  3. How Do I Make It About More than Myself?

  4. Where Do We Start?

  5. How Can We Make It Easy and Engaging?

  6. How Do You Get Wisdom from Crowds?

  7. How Do You Handle the Downside of Crowds?

  8. Are We Pursuing Voice or Influence or Both?

  9. How Do We Get from Voice to Change?

  10. How Can We Find Allies?

In this video, Lissa Soep of Youth Radio shares an overview of the 10 questions.